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  • What are the advantages of uploading my resume?

    If you are actively seeking a job in medical sales, you should consider uploading your resume into our database. Many of our member recruiters and medical companies search this resume database to find candidates to fill their open positions. You may update or remove your resume at any time from your dashboard page.

  • I am already a paid member of another site, why should I join Gorilla Medical Sales?

    Since no other site utilizes SMARTSEARCH technology, you will miss out on hundreds of currently available medical sales jobs, medical device sales jobs, pharmaceutical sales jobs and entry level medical sales jobs that may be the perfect job for you!

Candidate Benefits GorillaMed MedReps
Receive customized job alerts Yes Yes
Track applications history Yes Yes
Search jobs using filters Yes Yes
Utilizes SMART SEARCH technology Yes Yes
Recruiter Benefits GorillaMed MedReps
Annual membership fee $199.99 $575.00
Active candidate members 11,000+ 30,000+
Percentage of unique members 58% est. 50%
Free searchable resume database Yes Yes
Job-posting filter to screen unqualified candidates Yes No

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