Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What job experiences qualify me for a medical sales position?

A. There are two types of medical sales jobs posted on this web site. The first category is "entry-level" medical products sales positions. This category includes pharmaceutical sales positions as well as some other various medical products or services sales opportunities. For entry-level and pharmaceutical positions, most recruiters desire previous job experience in business-to-business sales; that is, selling a tangible product which involves closing the sale, and taking an order for purchase of that product. Other beneficial experiences for candidates desiring entry-level and/or pharmaceutical positions include possessing a 4-year college degree, military experience, an athletic background, and leadership roles in college. Many recruiters want candidates who can demonstrate sales excellence with their previous jobs, including high sales rankings within their district, and a history of achieving quota. If you do not possess sales experience of any kind, you are probably not qualified for the jobs posted on this site. We suggest you visit the general job boards. The second type of medical sales job posted on this site requires a candidate with previous medical products sales experience, and, in many cases, this experience must be in the medical sub-specialty of the posted job opening. Thus, many registered candidates of this site will not qualify for all sales openings. To minimize being inundated with resumes from unqualified candidates, recruiters who post jobs on may chose to limit the ability to send a resume by a candidate whose previous experience level does not meet the qualifications of a specific job, as designated by that recruiter. When registering and creating your personal profile, you will be asked to designate your experience level. This information helps us match your past experiences with the qualifications of posted job openings. It also prevents our recruiters from wasting their valuable time screening resumes from unqualified candidates.

Q. Are the jobs posted on The Gorilla current?

A. Yes, all jobs posted on The Gorilla have the posting date visible to the candidate, and expire automatically 30 days following posting. Thus, a job seeker is never wasting his/her time on "old postings".

Q. How do I upload my resume?

A. You must have an account with to upload your resume. After registering, login to your account and scroll to the bottom of your Candidate Dashboard. Follow the directions for uploading. Resumes must be in a .doc, .docx, or pdf file format. Click all the categories you are interested in pursuing.

Q. Will my personal information be revealed to others?

A. NO! Your registration info will never be shared with any outside entity. We act only as a mediator to allow you to directly email your resume to a recruiter posting a job of interest, or upload your resume for our recruiter and medical companies to find you. You may remove your resume at any time thru the Candidate Dashboard.

Q. Why may I be unable to view contact info for certain job postings?

A. If your previous job experience includes selling medical devices, equipment, or products, you will be able to view recruiter contact information for all posted jobs. In addition, if you possess management or marketing experience within the medical device, equipment, or products field, you will be able to view all contact info. However, if you possess only pharmaceutical or b2b sales experience, some jobs which are posted may restrict contact info from candidates with your experience level. Don't worry, there are plenty of positions posted on The Gorilla which you will qualify for.

Q. When does my registration expire?

A. The expiration date of your membership can be found in your profile page when logged into your account.

Q. I am unable to login to my account? The site is telling me my Username/Password combination is not valid.

A. Please double check that there are no spelling errors in your email and password. The login information must match what was entered at the time of registration.

Q. May I remain confidential when posting a job?

A. Yes. When filling in your contact info for a job posting, you have the option of withholding your phone number, address, and/or web site from view by candidates. However, we do require that an active email address be provided with each listing. Job postings with inactive emails may be removed. In addition, you may also limit the types of candidates who may view your contact information for a specific job, by clicking a button.

Q. How long does a job remain posted?

A. Jobs remain viewable by candidates for a period of 30 days; depending on your selection at the time of creation. When jobs expire, they are no longer viewable by candidates, and move into your Archived Jobs box. You may restore an archived job to active status with the click of a button.