Become a Better Medical Sales Recruiter

you recruit in the medical sales arena, you understand that the key to making a placement, and billing a fee from your client, is finding great candidates. The top medical device sales and pharma sales recruiters understand that "leaving no stone unturned" when attempting to identify high-quality candidates to fill their openings is essential for winning the battle in filling an available position.

At Gorilla Medical Sales, we understand your needs, because our founder was one of the top healthcare sales recruiters in the industry for many years. While he is no longer recruiting, he now devotes his time to keeping Gorilla Medical Sales on the leading edge of healthcare sales job boards.

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But, you say that you are already a member of a competitive job board? Why should you invest to become a member of Gorilla Medical Sales? There are four great reasons!

First, our candidate database now has over 10,000 active members, and is growing every day! More importantly, over 50% of our job-seekers are not members of MedReps, or any other job board.

Second, Gorilla Medical Sales is the best value among job boards, with a one-year recruiter membership costing only $199.99. And, that membership includes unlimited searches in our candidate resume database! While our competitor charges exorbitant fees for access to their resume database, we give you this feature FREE with a regular membership!

Next, Gorilla Medical Sales is very active and visible on the social media web sites, specific to the medical industry, so we have more experienced industry sales representatives as members than our competitors. GorillaMed is quickly becoming the preferred site for the real "players" in our industry to search for a new sales job.

Last, Gorilla Medical Sales proprietary job-posting filter allows the recruiter to limit which candidates are able to view a posted job, thus limiting the number of unwanted resumes cluttering his in-box. Simply designate the desired experience level of your targeted candidates when creating your job posting and The Gorilla will allow only the candidates fitting your needs view the job.

Whether you seek the most experienced healthcare industry sales representative, or the hottest business-to-business sales rep for an entry level medical sales opportunity, Gorilla Medical Sales is the place find them.