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If you are an experienced business-to-business sales representative looking for an entry level medical sales job, a seasoned medical device sales professional, or a pharmaceutical sales specialist, GorillaMed is the place to fulfill your search desires. Our proprietary SMART SEARCH technology is not found on any competitive medical sales web site. Don't ever be too late again in identifying or applying to the perfect healthcare sales job to fit your experience level. SMART SEARCH identifies jobs as soon as they open, and posts them on our site. We can even send you an instant email notification that a new job has been posted in your area of interest.


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Medical sales recruiters understand that finding the right candidate is the key to filling a job order, and to billing a placement fee to their client. GorillaMed will unlock-the-vault to many new candidates that you would never identify by other search methods. During our three years in business, GorillaMed has rapidly become the preferred job board for experienced healthcare sales representatives to find high-paying opportunities. Older sites have become cluttered with low-paying marginal jobs, and straight-commissioned sales opportunities. Sales professionals understand this fact, and have made GorillaMed their home to find more of the high-end positions that they seek.

Medical Companies

Many medical companies waste time and money posting their jobs in medical sales on general job boards, where the volume of un-wanted resumes quickly fills their in-box, and the quality of candidates is very low. GorillaMed offers the lowest-cost method to expose your medical product sales opportunities to individuals who possess the backgrounds and experience to fulfill your recruiting qualifications. Over fifty percent of our member candidates are not members of another job board. Don't miss-out on finding these great candidates. By joining GorillaMed at either six-month or one-year membership levels, you may make unlimited job postings, as well as search our candidate resume database as often as you like.